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I recently launched podcast called Design Huddle to shakeup my workflow and hear from some of the best designers and content creators in the world. Each week myself and Mustafa Kurtuldu create jam-packed episodes with expert insights on user experience, digital product strategy, and the latest tech trends across the web. Our listeners come for the UX tips, but they stay for the storytelling as we peel back the curtain on how to build more human products.

Mustafa Kurtuldu is a UX lead on install-ability on Chrome and Design Advocate at Google…

Since Google launched a new home for Web Stories on Discover, we have seen a diverse group of content creators using the format to tell engaging stories, everything from product reviews to a history of the U.S. postal service. Thanks to new and improved creation tools, it’s easier than ever to create a high-quality and interactive story.

Web Stories are a web-based version of the popular “Stories” format that blend video, audio, images, animation and text to create a whole new way to learn something new. We have seen publishers recut, reuse, or reinvent their brands using Web Stories. If…

This list includes some classics and some of the newest books out in 2020. Happy reading!

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness — Nudge is about how we make these choices and how we can make better ones.

Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet — VICE reporter and YACHT lead singer Claire L. Evans finally gives these unsung female heroes their due with her insightful social history of the Broad Band, the women who made the internet what it is today.

How Smart Machines Think — Gerrish outlines some of the key…

A list of resources to squeeze as much value out of web development investment as possible

Material Design — Crane

Most of my career has been centered around designing web experiences and finding opportunities to make them better. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best web development teams across every imaginable industry. Every team I work with has their own set of unique problems and resource constraints. At times it can seem overwhelming to build a web experience that is intuitive, reliable, fast, and engaging. But with all of the free resources out there today it has never been a better time to invest in the web. …

Below is an excerpt from the Awwwards ebook — Progressive Web Apps the Future of the Mobile Web.

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As the name suggests, PWAs are applications that use web technologies to give us the best of both the web and native environments. They are delivered in a progressive way, which means we don’t need to build them in different formats: we deliver a basic solution as a website and add extra functionality as we go. — Chris Heilmann

Design For All Your Users

Developing a PWA demonstrates that a company is prioritizing their users’ time, delivering faster loads and more engaging…

As a Mobile UX lead at Google working with small company web development teams, I’ve made a lot of observations — and learned how to avoid the pitfalls

This is a running list of insights from partnering with over 150 web development teams over the past 5 years.

Mobile Web Best Practices

I joined a team at Google in 2016 called the Mobile Transformation Team. Our team had a simple, but very ambitious goal: Make the mobile web better for everyone. We focused on helping small- to medium-sized businesses improve their mobile web experiences. More specifically, we were UX consultants that would work with web dev teams and provide recommendations on how they can better optimize performance, usability, and accessibility.

We championed for end users.

Here are the learnings, observations, and pitfalls…

Ryan Warrender

Product Partnerships @Google, previously a Mobile UX Lead | Let’s Connect:

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